The Society of Sciences for Higher Consciousness

Founded in 2016, our association combines deep-rooted traditions with today's modern energies. It is a door taking to care about the value of knowing together, asks and seeks answers, shares, transforms knowledge into experience, teaches and learns while experiencing. You can follow us at our conferences that broadcast every Monday at 19.30 on our YouTube channel, attend our Readings on Life trainings, follow us on our Social Media accounts, and reach us by phone or e-mail.
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Since the establishment of our association, we have been learning the road on journeys and together.

Our trainings, which are the transformative power of spiritual development, continue mainly under the title of Readings on Life.

Our Knowing Oneself-oriented work is being renewed with ever-expanding content.

We are coming together to know the ancient wisdom, to know ourself, to meet our essence. Our inner journeys continue unceasingly on the “road” within themselves and in unity.

About Us

As a team in pursuit of Higher Consciousness, “Knowing Oneself” studies form our main axis.


Blending the western understanding with the teachings of the masters from the ancient tradition, and not only reading and learning the study which Gurdjieff named “4th way” but also making it an experience by applying the work , it opens the way and makes it walkable. In this sense, we have chosen to be the doer rather than the knower. We are moving forward with the intention of shedding light on those who want to join us, like a beacon that illuminates the way.


We respect all schools that have the same goal, knowledge and experience. We are open-minded about every ancient source of knowledge that carries the light of commitment to a common goal at its heart, about reaching out and working together with them. We continue to learn the road on journeys. We have experts in many different techniques and we use all our resources to pass on what we know to others.


In the journey of consciousness called “Study”, the idea of a school and a teacher has been known since ancient traditions. As the Higher Consciousness family, we are a team that has adopted the principle of walking on this road and supporting those who want to walk on it. As we have public conferences every Monday; we also have friends who attend in-groups for further study. You can start our association work through the first training activities we call Readings on Life.


We don’t see ourselves as a team doing just spiritual work. We are working for the future in harmony with the awareness and energy of the moment renewed every moment… We are a volunteer team for a brighter world and a more enlightened humanity. For this, we proceed with the awareness of working on ourselves first. While one’s working on oneself continues with a teacher and group friends outside, it is expected that one gets the power and effort of transforming from us, through difficult encounters within oneself.

Our association’s work is like a home that opens up space and offers a safe working environment for all the above-mentioned studies.

Readings on Life

Readings on Life training is an existential transformation study. It prepares the person to change and transform in the way of revealing the potential of being human.

Ahmet Cemal Gürsoy

The entity called human becomes visible with its energy bodies. Its ties with the invisible world gain function and experience with the device called heart and the laws of magnetism in which heart is involved.

Our Works

Welcome to the “works” of Higher Consciousness, which learns the way through journeys. With the aim of meeting the needs of our existence, we work as a group to collect our pieces and to experience and archive together the matter that the being will extract from the impressions of this worldly life.


The desire to look from a higher point in time and while landing, to turn an inner understanding built with the difference in value into art…



We are here to share our experiences with those who are volunteer for work on themselves to meet with the fact that the visible and invisible dimensions are one together in the present.


“To Regenerate, Isn’t it the future itself?”


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